Thank You For Doing What You Do Today

Thanks for going to work today, and yesterday, and the day before that. And thanks for going to work tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that. I get to write because you go to work today. I do not take that lightly, and I fully respect what that means for me.

I am able to live and provide for my family because you give your hard-earned-money week after week, month after month for the support of the ministry here at First Calvary Baptist Church. That’s sobering to me.

Obviously, I should not slack off or give minimal effort because the Lord sees all I do or…don’t do. However, another motivator should be what you do. I should not slack off or give minimal effort because your work makes it possible for me to read and write, to study and preach, to dream and plan, and to visit, be in the community, and pray. Thank you.

Not all pastors have it this way or want it this way. In smaller works where there simply are not enough people to support a pastor full-time, that pastor must be bi-vocational. That means he fulfills his pastoral responsibilities and works a second job to make ends meet. Many church planters do this. Other pastors are bi-vocational by choice. The church is large enough to support him, but he chooses to hold another job for a variety of reasons – he wants the contact with unsaved people, or he desires the church use its financial resources a different way, or he just likes doing that kind of work (like teaching at a seminary maybe).

My Musing today isn’t very long nor all that deep. I just want to say thank you for getting out of bed today and going to work or thank you for getting out of bed all those years before retirement and going to work. You make it possible for me to be your pastor. What you do allows me to do what I do. Your labor and sacrifice means a great deal to me.

Most of you work really hard. Some of you work at stress-filled jobs. It’s my intention to do right by you by working hard at my job.

My love be with you all in Christ Jesus. Amen (1 Cor 16:24).

As always I welcome your feedback and any suggestions you might have for an upcoming Lunchtime Musing.