Praying for Mom

Both my grandmother and my mom were prayer warriors. I doubt if anyone brought my name before the Lord more than two of them. Many of you could say the same thing about the women close to you. Praying moms have plead with God for the souls, safety, supply, and security of their children since before the time of Hannah of old (1 Samuel 1-2).

As Mother’s Day approaches and we honor mom, what better way could you honor her than by following her example and praying for her?

  1. “God, help her not to grow weary in doing well.” She’s human so she’ll be tired, but she doesn’t have to be weary of her labor of love (Galatians 6:9). She cooks, cleans, and repairs. She’s the homework aid and the Uber driver. She serves her family with every new day, and she needs your prayers.
  2. “Lord, grant her wisdom to answer the questions that come her way.” Mom…Mom…Mom… She hears that three-letter-word over and again every single day. Usually, it’s followed by “where’s my shirt?” or “why are we out of cereal?” But every day brings questions that require the mind of Solomon – questions about love, disappointments, frustrations, wounds, and worldview. Her answers shape the mind of those in her care, and she needs your prayers.
  3. “Father, teach her to live with her husband in unity.” Children are a gift from God but can be a distraction to a marriage. For some moms the man she lives with has become a roommate collaborating to pay the bills and raise the kids. God intended more for her marriage (Genesis 2:24). He intended for her to be one with her husband, and she needs your prayers.
  4. “Lord, show her when to say yes and when to say no.”Whether she works outside the home or within or both, she makes dozens of decisions each day for the smooth operation of her home and its inhabitants. Her position in the family makes her a household manager. She wants to do the best she can (Proverbs 31:27), and she needs your prayers.
  5. “Father, enable her to receive from the older women who have walked her path before her.” She’s not alone though she often feels alone. She’s not the first to experience the challenge she faces today, but she’s embarrassed to admit her failures because all the other moms have it all together. She wants someone to show her the way to do the impossible task she’s been called to do, and she needs your prayers.
  6. “God, prompt her to share her wisdom and presence with younger women who walk that path behind her.” There’s a reason the Scriptures call older women to teach younger women - they can help (Titus 2:4)! Many younger women are desperate for the comfort and counsel of an older woman. When an older woman is called into action to instruct a younger woman, she needs your prayers.
  7. “Lord, make her sweeter in her disposition as she ages.”She’s lived a long life, served in untold numbers of ways, and shows some scars from her journey. The temptation to demand, judge, grow callous, and complain may be her daily struggles, she needs your prayers.

My list isn’t exhaustive. I’m sure you could add a few more. Like my mom, maybe your mom is with the Lord and no longer needs your prayers. Still, there are women in our church who need your prayers.

God has given us a wonderful gift in the women close to us, but they cannot do what they do on their own strength and in their own wits. They need God’s enabling, and they need our prayers.

As always I welcome your feedback and any ideas you might have for an upcoming Lunchtime Musing.