Prayer for the First Day of School

For many in Minnesota, it is the first day of school, so we pray.

For Our Children

Father, this morning our youngest image bearers entered the classroom, some for the first time as those in K-5 sit at oversized desks while others for the final time begin the last year of higher education.

On their behalf, we pray that they would grow in wisdom and knowledge even as our Lord Jesus did. We pray for grace because we know “knowledge puffs up” and can easily lead to arrogance and pride. We pray their young and influential minds would not be deceived by a worldview that opposes the Bible. We pray the knowledge they gain will lead to skill development that produces amazing outcomes for the glory of God and the good of His creation. May their knowledge gained teach them how to subdue the earth as you have given command.

We ask for your protection from physical threats - from would be assailants to classroom bullies looking to dominate the playground. We pray the strong among our children will come to the aid of the weak. We pray our children will show kindness to the lonely and embrace the marginalized. We pray they will be thankful to you for what they have received as you bring them home to us each day.

For the Teachers

Father, we pray for those will teach our children. We thank you for their interest in the lives of our children. We remember all teachers are people as are we. They too have challenges at home and at work. We pray that our children would be sources of joy and encouragement to them when the weariness of the job weighs them down. Help our children to display the love of Jesus to their teachers.

Father, assist every teacher in every classroom where our children learn to teach their discipline well so that our children have every occasion to learn well. Give insight to the teachers to know what methods are best for the class as a whole and for the individual students. As they teach, help them only to teach truth in science, history, the arts, philosophy, and the rest of the academic spectrum.

As we prayed for our children, we pray for our teachers. Protect them from those who would do them harm. Some may wish to cause physical harm and others may wish to damage or end their careers. From any and all who would pursue injury on them, we ask for your sovereignty over the people who teach our children.

For the Parents

Father, we pray for ourselves. For those of us who are parents, we pray we would please you in how we guide our children through these days of school. We lack the necessary wisdom to answer all their questions. We do not possess the power to solve all of their problems. In our finiteness we cannot be present at every moment they have a need. None of these restrictions lies with you. Do for our children what we cannot do. Help us to remember we are not God and cannot be God to our children. Help us to affirm to ourselves and help our children to believe they need you infinitely more than they need us.

As we interact with teachers, we pray we will always reflect the person of Jesus. May our emails be kind and our words sweet to hear. Guard our hearts against any thoughts, our mouths against any words, our hands against any action, and our feet against any haste that would make the job of teaching our children difficult or that would diminish the reputation of Jesus. When we interact with other parents, give us wisdom to solve problems between our kids and give us understanding to know when to speak and when to remain silent.

Father, help us as parents to encourage, support, and pray for parents who choose educational options different than the one we have chosen for our children. Forgive us for any expression of superiority and humble us before each other.

Thank you, Father, for our children and thank you for our children’s schools. When next summer comes, may we look back and see your good, great, and gracious hand on every day of the school year.

As always I welcome your feedback and any suggestions you might have for an upcoming Lunchtime Musing.