Counting My Blessings

Even a casual reading of the psalms, whether David's or Moses's (Ps 91, for example) reveals a detailed accounting of God's blessings on him and Israel. Thinking back through 2017 here are 17 ways God blessed me. How did he bless you? I'd enjoy hearing from you.

  1. God protected my family and me over tens of thousands of miles traveled by car and plane.
  2. God stilled my heart when I said goodbye to any of my four children, all of whom live out of state, assuring me that they are loved and secure under his always alert and watchful care.
  3. God comforted me when my heart was heavy from the passing of those I love or sharing in the grief of others.
  4. God gave me wisdom to engage with people who sought my pastoral care or counsel. Frankly, I am often in over my head when called to help people. He instills what I do not have.
  5. God provided me excellent health to do things he has called me to do and to do many of the things I want to do because I find the activities enjoyable.
  6. God presented to me opportunities to preach the Word of God scores of times in a wide range of venues.
  7. God delivered timely aid to my spiritual life often through the love of a brother or sister-in-Christ.
  8. God revealed himself to me in the daily reading of his word, filling and expanding my mind with the wonder of his person.
  9. God answered my prayers for his work in my life, my family, my friends, our church, and in so many more requests.
  10. God protected me from the deceptions of Satan when, if left to myself, I would have been overcome.
  11. God provided a way of escape for every temptation I faced so that I could endure any and all of them.
  12. God extended his mercy to me on a daily basis when I declined his way of escape. I sinned against him every day, yet he did not withhold forgiveness.
  13. God grew deep relationships with more than a few faithful friends.
  14. God ordered my steps leading me in right paths and turning me away from destructive or dead end paths.
  15. God encouraged me when and in ways no human being could. Every word of a person was dissonance to me, but his voice to me was soothing.
  16. God taught me to trust him as I watched situations unfold and lived through life moments over which I had no control.
  17. God delighted in me as his son. Over and again he affirmed my relationship to him. I am a son of God, and he would have it no other way.

As always I welcome your feedback and any ideas you might have for an upcoming Lunchtime Musing.